Kaas Pathar

A UNESCO heritage site, a pure natural bliss stands a mere 7 hours drive from Mumbai. In the hills of Satara, Kaas Plateau boasts a huge variety of flowers that bloom in the period just after the monsoon bid adieu in the region.

Morning is the best time to view the flowers as they are have bloomed fresh in the cooler atmosphere. The dew drops on the petals give a soothing feeling to the eyes and definitely wears off your tire from the journey. And it is also the best time as not many tourists would have reached to the place.

Now, we are not much into botany and bio life, so we do not know the names of the flowers. But their beauty is par excellence. Especially when you see an ocean of the flowers all around you. Below given are a few photos that testifies the above statement.

Flora, Flora Everywhere!
Pink Revolution
In love with the shades
Surrounded by Flora
A bed of Yellow flowers, followed by a bed of Pink ones, the green shades of trees & blues of the skies.
Icing on the Cake: A Pond full of Water Lilies

Kaas Pathar – Entry Fees & Related Details

The entry fees for the visiting the park is Rs. 300 per person and is open from 7.00 AM in the morning to 5.00 PM in the evening. We got our tickets from the entry gate itself, however it is advisable to book your tickets online on their official website as sometimes they limit the number of footfalls if the tourists increase in number.

There is a short hike of around 1-1.5 km from the parking area and the entry gate of the plateau. You can either walk or use their transport facility. They have a few Tempo Travelers to ferry the passengers to the main gate, and charge a minimal of 10-20 bucks for the same. However, you must reach early, because once the crowd starts gathering, it takes a lot of time waiting in the queue and heat will tire you up.

Snacks & Refreshment Options

There are no restaurants or tea counters within the park. However, the locals there sell some authentic local snack items like Pithala-Bhakri, Buttermilk, Lemon Juice and Cucumber salad. We tried the Pithala-Bhakri, it was heaven early in the morning and gulped it down with a glass of lemon juice.

Pithala-Bhakri with the spicy Peanut Chutney

Best Time to Visit

The flowers bloom during September-October only and you will have to rely on your luck to see the bloom we saw. But it is worth taking a shot, although it is advisable to confirm with locals or the officials at the plateau.

That being said, it is a wonderful place to witness the beauty of nature.

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