Heritage Madurai Resort – An epitome of History, Heritage & Hospitality

Madurai, a temple town nestled in South, is one of the oldest cities of India. The city is known for the Meenakshi Amman Temple, one of the oldest temple complexes in India and perhaps the world. Frozen in time, the city exhibits a rich culture and heritage preserved through its food, art, architecture and people.

Set up in the city whose origins dates back almost 2500 years, Heritage Madurai is a one of a kind resort that showcases the classic blend of vintage decors with modern amenities.

About the Property

Sprawling over a 17 acre property in the heart of Madurai, Heritage Madurai Resort rests under a tropical foliage with plethora of sub continental trees like Sandalwood, Neem, Mango and Banyan. You will experience a stark temperature difference the moment you set foot in the beautiful property as the trees have received accolades for providing cooling shelters.

Formerly known as Madurai Club, a recreational club of Madura Coats Ltd, the property has stored its original glory by creating a carefully curated living space that has a beautiful balance between the vintage architecture and modern luxury.

Housing 73 precariously crafted rooms, 34 of these are the luxury plunge pool villas that are just an ideal spot for you to relax with family or friends. The rest of the rooms are deluxe rooms and are the old staff quarters that are refurbished into quality setting.

Geoffrey Bawa & Tropical Modernism

Geoffrey Bawa is the brains behind the ingenious design of the resort. Renowned as Father of Tropical Modernism, a style of architecture which focuses on wide & open spaces, increased ventilation, an impetus on local resources and building materials that have inherent cooling tendencies.

The erstwhile Madurai Club is regarded to be one of his best buildings which represents his design philosophy in practice. Known today as the Geoffrey Bawa Block, the club building was constructed in 1974 has extensively used the granite stones, available in a radius of 15 km around Madurai.

The restoration of the property was completed under the command of Vinod Jayasinghe, a student of Geoffrey Bawa. Keeping the architectural style of Bawa and adding a slice of his own finesse, Jayasinghe designed the personal courtyards and enclosed plunge pool in each villas in addition to an Olympic size Temple Tank Pool.

Luxury Stay at Heritage Madurai

The designers have restored the old colonial bungalows in to luxurious villas that ooze out grandeur. The star attractions of these villas are the personal plunge pools with enormous courtyard and the fragrant Champa Tree.

The interiors of these villas are rustic and chic. The decors of the rooms will sweep your feet off the floor as you feel transitioned to a different world altogether. The walls are adorned with ancient art works and handicrafts, so beautiful to keep you engrossed in its beauty.

The furniture in the villa is made of teak wood. Besides this, there are a few antique collections like the classic lamp shades, Hand Woven Fabric & the Fargo Table Fan that will draw your attention towards them.

The plunge pool, which in our opinion is the best thing in the villa. A quaint little pool in an open courtyard with bewitching fragrance of the Champa Tree is just the perfect idea to let go off the fatigue and stress. The grandeur of the place showcases the level of intricacy that has been put in the design of these royal villas.

Inside Heritage Madurai

The luxurious resort houses a coffee shop, a restaurant and a bar, all of which are settled under the mammoth spread of a 300 year old Banyan Tree. The restaurant, named as the Banyan, sits right in the shade of the banyan tree, the look and feel of which is soulful for enjoying a delicious meal.

The restaurant menu is curated in a precarious manner so that the guests can have a feel of local cuisine and flavours. Their Madurai Special Thali is a gastronomical delight.

The area of the old banyan tree is an ecosystem in itself, its vast spread provides shelters to many birds. Meditating under the cool shade of the tree definitely provides you an inner calm and you can get a chance to see some rare species of fauna creating their own symphony in nature.

The common swimming pool, fondly known as the Temple Pool, is a unique structure that replicates the Meenakshi Temple’s Tank. An Olympic sized pool is as beautiful as a pool side can be. A definite Instagram worthy place, as a photographer you will love capturing the beauty from different angles and perspectives.

Heritage here & there

Beauty par excellence is what you will experience all around the property as you stumble upon heritage art works and artefacts. One of the prized possessions is the 17th Century Mayur Dwaar that stands ground in the reception area. The intricate designs and carvings on it will make you go gaga over it and won’t allow you to stop clicking the shutter of your camera.

Beneath the Banyan Tree lies a Francis Search Light, manufactured in the year 1937 and used in World War II on a British War Ship.

Working cent percent to its function, the search light today is the ornament that decks up the banyan tree in the evening. These collections showcase the wealth of heritage and is a haven for art aficionados. They are surely to leave you spell bound.

Activities at Heritage Madurai

Connect to your roots at Madurai Village – A unique village setting where the guests can enjoy their evening savouring local snacks while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee. Try your hand at the art of pottery and create your personalised piece of art or you can indulge in a live cooking session and treat yourself to the South Indian culinary treat.

Soothe sore muscles at Jasmine Spa – Pamper yourself at the in-house spa & therapy centre and treat yourself to the wellness and magic of Ayurveda. The power of the therapy is par excellence, as it cleanses you from within and energizes you to the fullest.

Heritage ride in a Cycle Rickshaw – A cycle rickshaw safari from the Meenakshi Amman Temple will take you on historical ride of the city that is hidden in its narrow alleys and cluttered cityscape. Relive the history hidden in its markets, houses and alleys through the words of the rickshaw puller as the bells of the cycle gets dubbed in the bustle of the surroundings.

If relax & rejuvenation is your plan for the holiday, along with peace of mind & soul, Heritage Madurai is your go-to place. Get enthralled by the rich history of the place, its glorious architecture and peaceful aura which will make your stay a memory that lasts for a long time.

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