Taj Corbett Resort & Spa – Hospitality in Hallowed Woods

At the base of the mighty Himalayas, along side the mild gushing of river Kosi, covered in tropical foliage inside India’s oldest wildlife conservation park, stands a resort that leaves you awestruck with aura. Welcome to Taj Corbett Resort & Spa, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand.

Photo of Taj Corbett Resort & Spa, Uttarakhand, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India by Mastane Musafir

Located 10 km from the base town of Ramnagar, the resort stays put at village Garjia along the buffer zone in Corbett National Park. Once you enter the gates of the property, you are in a completely different zone altogether. After all, where else in India would you find yourself welcome to the tunes of a Bagpipe?

The reception area just gets you awed with its decor and design. The frames that adorn the wall and the artefacts that beautify the surroundings just swipes you off your feet in a dream world. The charm of such places, just cannot ignore the smallest details that are taken care of to make the stay as comfortable as possible, even if it is for just 10 minutes.

In & Around the Property

Shadowed under the coniferous vegetation of Deodar & Sal trees, the resort boasts 60 rooms and cottages, 2 restaurants, 1 bar, banquet hall, a swimming pool, fitness centre and spa. The look and feel of the place is kept simple, yet elegant and gives the vibes of a classic Pahadi atmosphere.

The rooms have everything that is just perfect, from the cosy beds to comfortable baths. Walls are adorned with pictures of wildlife from the region, which just adds the feel to the feel of staying put in the jungle. And to add to it, the housekeeping staff are extra sweet, as they left us a self-pampering kit for doing a foot spa with a lovely message. No one can beat Taj Properties when it comes to hospitality.

Photo of Taj Corbett Resort & Spa - Hospitality in Hallowed Woods by Mastane Musafir

The ambience of the property itself rejuvenates you with little things here and there that catches your attention. For those who want to know more about the history of the forest, the library contains some really interesting books from renowned authors and photographers, including the famous works of Jim Corbett himself.

Dining Experience

In our travels, we have experienced that comfortable stays and elegant ambience attracts only one part of the mind. A hotel or resort’s make-or-break USP is the food and the dining experience it provides to its guests. And again, Taj Hotels just do not let you down on your expectations. Equipped with 2 lovely restaurants, the flavour of the food in each of these is just impeccable. Here’s a brief about the restaurants

1) Tree-Top Restaurant

The all-day dining multi cuisine restaurant literally takes your fine dining experience to great heights. Outside seating comprises of two decks where you can just get hoisted up amidst the flora of the forests. The mild gushes from the river Kosi creates a beautiful symphony accompanied by the chirping of birds. Just the perfect kind of music you would wish while indulging in the culinary treat.

Photo of Taj Corbett Resort & Spa - Hospitality in Hallowed Woods by Mastane Musafir

We had a lavish lunch in the form of the Kumaon Thali, and the taste from each and every dish served is still afresh in some corners of our dentures.

2) Jim’s Grill
If scrumptious grilled delicacies laced with local flavours in the company of some soulful live music is your idea for dinner, then you need to head straight to Jim’s Grill without any 2nd thoughts. The menu of the restaurant is meticulously crafted as all the dishes in it are inspired by the local cuisine or have a touch of the local flavours. Best time to enjoy these are in winter months, when the temperatures are have dipped and you have your private fireplace for the warmth as you indulge in these delicacies.

We tried the Thukpa & Pahadi Tikka, totally worth it. Full marks to the pomegranate chutney that was served with the tikkas.

Activities that keep you indulged

Our past experience with Taj Properties made us acquainted with one fact that the staff does treat the guests like God, and leave nothing unturned to provide them delightful experience and a pleasant stay. Same is the case here.

Mornings are for wildlife. And nothing beats exploring the jungle, spotting some wildlife and indulging in a heavenly breakfast from a hill top with amazing views of the forests and snow capped mountain peaks. The staff also arranges for heritage walks in nearby village and showcase the lost history and heritage of these places.

If you are travelling with kids, then your kids are going to have an amazing time in the resort. The resort arranges for dedicated activities directed at the entertainment of children. These include survival training, cooking lessons, archery etc to name a few. These make today’s kids forget the technological supports and embrace the outdoors.

Photo of Taj Corbett Resort & Spa - Hospitality in Hallowed Woods by Mastane Musafir

As you assemble around for evening tea and snacks, the naturalists start an interactive session regarding the flora and fauna of the forest. The foliage along the banks of river Kosi attracts the indigenous Himalayan Goral towards it, and its a test of the eyesight in spotting this beautiful fawn in the camouflaged surroundings.

Gautamsnaps : Himalayan Brown Goral . Photostory on Himalayan ...
Source: Gautam Dey

A stage play narrating the life and times of Jim Corbett and other stories from the Kumaon region brightens up your evening as your flaps of wisdom open up to new culture and glorified past. As the stars take the charge of the night sky, the views are totally mesmerising as you head towards your room in reminiscing a wonderful day you just experienced.

Photo of Taj Corbett Resort & Spa - Hospitality in Hallowed Woods by Mastane Musafir

Hospitality in the Hallowed woods, if it were to be given one name, Taj Corbett Resort & Spa would definitely be the chosen one.

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