Must Visit Places

If in Karnataka, you should not miss out on these beautiful places.

Mysore Palace

India’s Biggest Palace, the ruling seat of the Wadiyar Rulers displays magnanimity and exuberance at its best. A spectacle during Dasara festival as it gleams with 100,000 lamps.  


A hippie town with a perfect melange of beaches and forests, a place where you can trek, relax, eat, drink, celebrate and party till you drop and no one to stop you.

Ruins of Hampi

An ancient town which is a monument in itself, abandoned with the ruins of broken empires and obscured by time, this place is a living testament to the grandiose of Deccan history that existed once upon a time.

Jog Falls

Second highest waterfalls of India, hidden in the evergreen forests of Shimoga, Jog Falls are love at first sight to anyone.


Termed as the Scotland of India, this little hamlet is gifted with emerald landscapes and hectares of coffee and spice plantations. The cool climate makes it a fantastic area for trekking, birdwatching or lazily ambling down little-trodden paths winding around carpeted hills.


120 feet high Shiva Statue surrounded by beautiful Arabian Sea on 3 sides, this place has a charm of its own. You just need to visit it to experience it.