DIY Trip Tips

Did you know, proper planning saves up to 50% of trip cost?

We bring you the important parameters for planning your own trip. No matter if you are a student, employee with 9 to 5 job or entrepreneur.

Place & Time

Deciding the place to visit is important, but visiting that place during its best time is more important. So if you finalize on the place to visit, you are just 50% work done. Rest 50% will be when you finalize the time of visit of that place.

In our opinion, choosing the place to visit completely is not as difficult as it is to chose the time to visit it. Even if there is a slightest deviation in the timings, there’s a bull-whip effect in its final outcome. For eg. we visited Lavasa Lake City near Pune when monsoon was at its peak and we were forced to confine ourselves in our apartment. Although we enjoyed the trip in a different way, we were unable to explore the place since many of the activities were closed due to rains. Imagine this happening to you when you travel to a distant place and find yourself locked behind the doors of your stay. Hence it is important to choose a place, but more important to select the perfect time to visit that place.

Hence, follow these steps to ensure you get to enjoy the best
1. Decide the time of the year for the trip
2. List down the places you can visit during that time of the year
3. Decide on number of days required for each place
4. Based on your requirements, choose the location & number of days.


You need money when you travel. So the question comes, how do you travel without burning your savings? The answer to it lies in understanding the costs incurred for the trip. We classify these costs into fixed & variable parts.

Fixed Part includes Stay & Transportation.
Variable includes food, sight seeing & activity cost and shopping

Planning your trip 2-2.5 months in advance can reduce your fixed costs up to 50%, which usually is the major part of the trip expense. As far as the variable costs are concerned, a research on local food joints, places of interest and local markets will give a fair bit of idea so that you can manage your expenses accordingly.


Finalizing on the stay options is a thing worth taking into account. We have set a basic rule before we choose to book our stay. We decide the place of stay based on the itinerary that is planned for the place.
When you have many things to explore at the place of visit it is a good idea to choose a mid-budget hotels or home stays. On the other hand when you are at a place that does not have a lot of sightseeing places, you can choose a resort or a luxury hotel, so that you can enjoy the hospitality of those places.

In simple words, it is a trade off and you are the owner of your decision.

Apart from these, the below 3 form an integral parts of DIY trips


A well planned itinerary ensures 100% enjoyment


Managing leaves is required so that you can have a perfect work-life balance


A trip planned during a local festival adds a local flavor to enrich your experience