6 best Road Trips to take in Maharashtra

As the tourism industry grapples with the pandemic, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with things moving back to normal, slowly but steadily. As we get accustomed to the new normal, one major change we all will see is the way we travel in the post pandemic world. Travelling while maintaining your personal bio-secure bubble is the way to go travel. at least for the next one year and the best way to ensure this is by taking a road trip, exploring the areas surrounding your base location and getting to know more about the place you live in.

With that thought, we share with you 6 best Road Trips that you can take in Maharashtra and go explore locally some of the hidden gems en route.

1. Mumbai-Pune via Expressway

If you a beginner in terms of taking road trips, you might start off with this route. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a beautiful drive with broad roads and amazing views on its either side.

Monsoons are the perfect time to go on this route as numerous waterfalls mushroom up on the way, especially on the ghat roads nearing Lonavala.

The highway journey takes around 1.5 hours between the toll booths and total journey is around 3 hours factoring the traffic and peak hour rush in the origin cities.

2. Konkan Coastal Highway

The Konkan coastal highway is in true sense is an underrated gem of all the road trips. Roaring Arabian Sea on one side and the lush green Western Ghats on another, this is one route that one should definitely undertake if you love road trips.

The trip can be broken into 2 parts and converted into a 2-day outing.

Day 1 – Mumbai-Alibaug-Kashid-Murud
Day 2 – Murud-Dighi-Diveagar-Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar-Velas-Anjarle

The roads are not in very good conditions, so it is better to do it over a period of 2 days so as to give your back a some relief. If you love to go on bike rides, this is one that you should not miss out on.

3. Mumbai-Nashik via Kasara Ghat

Yet another route that is just surreal and breath taking. On your way to Nashik from Mumbai, crossing the Kasara Ghat in the peak of monsoons is a treat to all road trippers.

You can take a detour at Igatpuri and explore some beautiful interiors laced with lovely waterfalls and panoramic views of the dams and reservoirs.

2 locations that are worth visiting on this route are the Dhammagiri Vipasana Centre, a Buddhist Meditation Centre that is so peaceful, you would totally feel blissful. The other is the Bhavli Dam which will make you feel you have teleported to Bali with step farms with Paddy Cultivations.

4. Driving through the Waterfalls at Malshej Ghat

According to us, this is a bikers dream route. Beautiful open roads, cool breeze running across your face, amazing views to cherish the ride and then out of nowhere you are driving through a heavy waterfall that roars as it flows down the cliff.

In the pre-COVID world, travelers did make a pit stop at the falls and enjoyed a hot cup of tea with boiled corn on the cob, a treat in such an amazing weather. You can still do that, only with a hot cup of tea and some home made food that you carry on your trips with you.

5. Pune-Panshet-Lavasa-Tamhini

The best part about road trips in Maharashtra is that some of the most gorgeous routes are in close proximity of two of its biggest cities, Mumbai and Pune.

Even if you don’t have a planned itinerary for your travels, this route is just perfect for you. It is off the main highway and runs past through small villages and hamlets and is amazingly pretty especially in monsoons.

6. Mumbai-Goa

How can it happen that we talk about road trips and not talk about this one? Everyone has been dreaming to take one from the time we saw Akash, Sameer and Sid take a road trip from Mumbai to Goa in Dil Chahta Hai.

Beautiful Roads, awesome views and the mere thought of visiting Goa makes this road trip one of the best experiences one can have in their life. Although the fastest route shows from highway, if time is not a constraint, we would suggest you take the coastal route via Ratnagiri and Malvan as it is a different experience altogether.

There you go, a ready reckoner for all you travel enthusiastic souls who are urging to travel but not sure where to start with. Pick up your locations, mark your destinations, carry all your precautionary requirements and have a safe ride out there. Do leave back your feedback if you find this information helpful. Ciao!

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